Tryout Dates

We’re excited to announce additional tryout dates for 14U / 16U / 18U.

Players who previously registered do not need to register for these dates. New players must register for these sessions.

14U Tryouts (Additional Tryout)

Birth Years 2010 & 2011

Friday, 4/19 (4:50 PM - 5:50 PM) @ ISCC

Sunday, 4/21 (1:50 PM - 2:50PM) @ ISCC

16U & 18U Tryouts

Birth Years 2006 to 2009

Friday, 4/19 (6:10 PM - 7:10 PM) @ ISCC

Sunday, 4/21 (1:50 PM - 2:50 PM) @ ISCC

Program Highlights

8U Mite Division (2016, 2017, & 2018)

  • 40-45 cross-ice games and full-ice development opportunities
  • IPH sessions two times per month
  • Pro Crease sessions two times per month
  • Goalie clinics during the season
  • Three tournaments
  • Apparel Package

10U Squirt Division (2014 & 2015)

  • 40-45 games
  • IPH sessions two times per month
  • Pro Crease sessions two times per month
  • Goalie clinics during the season
  • 50% discount for full time goalies. Partial discount for part time goalies
  • Three tournaments
  • Apparel Package

12U PeeWee Division (2012 & 2013)

  • 40-45 games
  • IPH sessions two times per month
  • Pro Crease sessions two times per month
  • Goalie clinics during the season
  • 50% discount for full time goalies. Partial discount for part time goalies
  • Off ice training sessions
  • Three tournaments
  • Apparel Package

14U Bantam Division (2010 & 2011)

  • 40-45 games
  • IPH sessions two times per month
  • Pro Crease sessions two times per month
  • Goalie clinics during the season
  • 50% discount for full time goalies. Partial discount for part time goalies
  • Off ice training sessions
  • Three tournaments
  • Apparel Package

16U/18U Midget Division (2006 - 2009)

  • 20-25 games in a split season
  • IPH sessions two times per month
  • Pro Crease sessions two times per month
  • Goalie clinics during the season
  • Goalie Discounts

7.1 Division/Level

Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey Association provides programs for players aged 4(four) to 19(nineteen) in the following divisions:

  • Learn To Skate: Open to all 1st year players up to 8 years of age until January 1st of current season. Anyone over the age of 6 should consult with the coaching Director prior to signing up for the season to ensure appropriate placement.
  • Developmental/Mite-In House: Open to players up to 8 years of age until January 1st of current season. Players over age 8 may be allowed based on approval of Hockey Development Director
  • 8U Mite: Open to players up to 8 years of age until January 1st of current season
  • 10U Squirt: Open to players 9 & 10 years of age until January 1st of current season
  • 12U PeeWee: Open to players 11 & 12 years of age until January 1st of current season
  • 14U Bantam: Open to players 13 & 14 years of age until January 1st of current season
  • 18U Midget: Open to players 15 to 19 years of age until January 1st of current season

7.2 Eligibility

An eligible player shall be one who:

  • Has a current membership.
  • Resides in Avon, Canton, Farmington and contiguous towns
  • Is a non-resident who is an approved import as determined by ACFYHA.
  • Is the correct age for the division.  
  • Has not been suspended.
  • Has been correctly registered and has paid the designated fees.

Association Members who leave the program after September 1st, then wish to return, may re-register provided approval of BOD and there is space in the program.

No player will be allowed to register until fees outstanding from previous seasons have been paid or alternate arrangements have been made with and approved by the BOD. 

7.2.1 Play Up Policy

ACFYHA strongly recommends that that all players participate within the age groups recommended by USA Hockey. However, playing up in ACFYHA will be allowed in very rare circumstances based on the following guidelines:

  • The parent(s) of the player requesting to play up must initiate the action by notifying the Coaching Director in writing at least thirty days in advance of the tryout dates of their interest in moving their player up to the next age level.
  • The Coaching Director will discuss the request with the player’s most recent head coach as well as the Division Directors of both impacted age levels. The Coaching Director will present the request to the Board for approval through a secret ballot process. Factors that will be considering in making a decision include, but are not limited to, the following:

o    The players ability, skill level and versatility would be compelling reasons for that player to be with the older age level

o   The player is physically and socially ready and has the appropriate maturity for the older age level

o    The impact to the teams at both the younger and older age levels

o   The need of players at both age levels to solidify teams

  • If approved and the player elects to play-up, the player will go through the tryout process for the older age level and will be placed on the appropriate older age team. The player must participate at the older age level and will forfeit all rights to play in the younger age level. Also, the parent(s) must sign an agreement/waiver acknowledging that the transfer is in the player’s best interest and there is possibility of an increase in risk of injury
  • Any request to play-up from Squirt to PeeWee will not be allowed because of the body-checking aspects associated with the PeeWee division
  • In general, over-age players are not permitted in any level, unless special circumstances warrant consideration by ACFYHA in accordance with CHC and USA Hockey specific league rules, whose decision shall be final.

7.2.2 Boundaries

As defined by the governing rules of CHC.

7.3 Non-Resident (import) Player

Non-Connecticut residents (import) players are ineligible to play of any CHC sanction program.

7.4 Ineligibility

Those players who do not meet the qualifications as set out in Article 7.2

7.5 Registration

7.5.1 Registration Timeline

Registration process will be determined by the Registrar and communicated through the ACFYHA website. The process and timing will depend on dates for tryouts. In general, for travel teams' registration will occur in March/April for a spring tryout and August for a fall tryout. Registration for all developmental programs will occur in October with an additional registration in November for the second Learn to Skate program.

Late Registration for a travel team is any registration request received after tryouts are completed.

  • Players will need to contact the Registrar who will notify the coaching and level director for eligibility and team placement.
  • Registrar and/or Coaching Director will notify player of placement on a travel team. If an on-ice evaluation is needed, then player will need to complete appropriate forms prior to on-ice evaluation.
  • If player has been placed on a travel team, Registrar will contact CHC office to inform of late registrant.
  • Player must complete appropriate forms as applicable (registration forms, player verification, releases, insurance)
  • Player must pay appropriate fees as determined by the Registrar and/or Treasurer to ACFYHA
  • No registration will be accepted after January 1 for the current season unless approved by the BOD.
  • Releases will need to be obtained from any players coming in from another CHC program prior to first league game from CHC.
  • Registrar will need to receive player verification form back from CHC to determine eligibility for player to play with ACFYHA.

Registration Fees

ACFYHA will consider current and projected operating costs and prepare a fee schedule for the upcoming season. The fee schedule may include, but is not limited to, a tryout fee, commitment fee, registration fee and fundraising fee. This information will be distributed to all members through the ACFYHA website.


Until players are registered, they will not be allowed to participate in any program activities unless other arrangements have been made with the Registrar. If necessary, special payment plans may be worked out on an individual basis with the Registrar and approved by the BOD.

Appropriate forms must be used and completed in full. A parents’ signature is required on the registration forms wherever possible. All players are required to complete all required registration forms. All players can obtain a copy of ACFYHA registration forms through the ACFYHA website.

7.5.2 Registration after Season has begun

If the hockey season has begun the registration fee will be prorated by the number of months remaining. The hockey season is considered to run from October 15th to February 28th (or 29th) for the purpose of late registration fee. (See section 7.5.1 above). All other fees (including, but not limited to, CHC Membership fee, USA Hockey fee, tryout fee, commitment fee, fundraising fee and any applicable late registration fees) will be required to be paid in full.

7.5.3 Payment

Payment of all fees shall be made payable to the ACFYHA by cash, check or credit card. The date of payment should be the same as the date of registration unless arrangements have been made with the Registrar.

A payment plan is available to individuals and families and has a nominal processing fee that will be specified each program year.

The Split Season Midget team, Developmental Program and Learn-to-Skate programs are not subject to the payment plan. Payment in full is expected at time of registration.

Skating privileges of your child may be suspended if any balance is still outstanding as of November 30th of the program year and will resume only when the Treasurer receives payment in full.

All checks returned from the bank will be levied a $20.00 surcharge as per ACFYHA policy. NSF checks should be cleared up as soon as possible. Players will not be permitted to play if the balance remains outstanding for longer than 2 weeks.

7.5.4 Refunds

Once a player/parent signs the Letter of Commitment, there will be no refunds as per the Letter of Commitment listed below:

Item 4: We agree to pay in a timely manner the full season financial obligation for the program and team made. We understand and agree that there are no refunds and that the fees for the entire season are due and payable in accordance with ACFYHA’s Payment Policy & Fee Schedule upon signing the Letter of Commitment.

Item 5: We understand and agree that if the player refuses to participate with ACFYHA after signing this agreement that the named player is ineligible to participate with any other CHC member program and must sit out the remainder of the season except as set forth below.

Item 6: We understand and agree that a player who sits out due to refusal to participate remains obligated to satisfy any outstanding financial obligation, including without limitation those set forth in section (4) above, due to ACFYHA for the season.

Item 7: We understand and agree that a player who sits out all or a portion of the season is not entitled to any partial or full refund or forgiveness of program fees or expenses.


Exceptions to the Letter of Commitment are as follows:

We ACFYHA understand and agree that if a player is accepted to play on and commits to a Tier 1 CHC program by May 1, that this contract will be voided and the ACFYHA commitment fee will be returned in full. The $100.00 tryout fee is non refundable.

In cases where reasons beyond the control of the participant require them to leave the program, ACFYHA may authorize a refund based on the percentage of time left in the regular season upon written request.


Refunds for registration fees for non-travel teams shall be rendered upon written request to the Registrar & Treasurer as per the following schedule:

  • A full refund minus a $100 processing fee will be granted if the request comes on or before November 1.
  • A 50% refund will be granted if the request come between November 1 and November 15.
  • 0% if the refund is requested November 16 or later.


No refunds are available for CHC membership fees, USA Hockey fees or tryout fees.

7.5.5 Player Movement


The fee assessed to a player transferring from one team to another after registration has been submitted to CHC will be the regular registration fee as outlined at the beginning of the season less any fees already paid. An additional processing fee may apply. If the player and /or parent request the move, they are responsible for any additional fee’s that CHC may impose. If an ACFYHA requests the move, then the ACFYHA will be responsible for any additional fees that CHC may impose.


As per the Letter of Commitment, if a Bantam player in ninth (9th) grade leaves to play high school hockey, they have broken their commitment and cannot return to their Bantam team.

7.5.6 Tryouts

The tryout fees (if implemented) are non-refundable after the start of tryouts. 

7.6 Team Fund Raising


ACFYHA recognizes that fund raising may be an integral part of the team and program success moving forward and as such has set the following policy that teams will follow. All funds raised are the property of ACYFHA, a 501(c) 3 charitable non-profit corporation. Member families will have no claim to any fundraising proceeds.

Team Fund Raising:

Any fund raising done by team participation (i.e. bottle/can drive, 50/50’s, chuck a puck, tournament profits) is to be considered team funds and need to be allocated equally to each player.

Employer Contribution/Donation:

Any funds made available by Employers shall be credited and used to support the entire team.

Player Movement:

Players that move during the season to another team or program shall forfeit their share of any team funds raised.

7.7 Referee(s)

All referees, either male or female, must be registered with USA Hockey and pass all applicable testing to be certified for the current hockey season. In order to be considered for referee assignments at ACFYHA home games, officials must also be registered with the Ice Hockey Officials of Northern Connecticut (IHONC). The website provides the details required for those interested in a being a certified referee. 

Game assignments will be determined by the IHONC Referee Assigner and are based on the referee’s level of accreditation, reliability, and the game circumstances. That notwithstanding, the Allocations will be as fair as possible in terms of distributing work assignments.

All ACFYHA games requiring referees will be submitted by the ACFYHA Division Directors directly to IHONC Referee Assigner.

7.8 Discipline


Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey Association will follow and uphold the minimum requirements as stated by the following guidelines, CHC and USA Hockey.

ACFYHA may increase any suspension at their discretion. 


ACFYHA expects BOD members, team officials and membership participants to exhibit qualities of good sportsmanship and decorum consistent with levels of propriety towards executive members, game officials, opponents and spectators. 

As such, standards of behavior consistent with ACFYHA, CHC, USA Hockey and league policies shall be maintained throughout the season, within a climate of mutual respect. It is recognized, that, from time to time, sanctions may be necessary for behavior, which transgresses acceptable standards. Such sanctions may be applied to any player, team official, parent or BOD members and may take the form of:

  •  A verbal reprimand
  •  A written reprimand
  •  A suspension
  • An expulsion
  • A combination of the above

ACFYHA, through its elected or appointed Board of Directors, have the authority to discipline any player, team official, and parent or BOD member. The President shall ensure that each disciplinary incident is: 

  • dealt with by a committee of not less than three people
  • treated fairly and the consistency is maintained across levels
  • the right of appeal is extended
  • handled in such a way that the integrity and stature of game
  • officials are respected

 Grievance Policy:

The Parent(s) have a meeting with the Team Manager and Coach (A mediator could be used here). Decision made.

If unsatisfied, the Parent(s) should contact the Level Director by phone and follow up with a letter or email. 

The Level Director will set up a meeting with the Parent(s), Manager & Coach (Mediation could be used here as well). Decision made.

If unsatisfied, the Parent(s) could then send a letter or email to the Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey Association, which will then address the letter/email at it’s next regularly scheduled BOD meeting (The Parent(s) can attend the meeting, if desired, to present their case). Decision made.

 If unsatisfied, the Parent(s) can appeal to the Connecticut Hockey Conference (CHC).

Lastly, the Parent(s) could appeal to USA Hockey. Decision made.

Standard Suspensions:

Where the CHC, USA Hockey or ACFYHA league policies dictate a suspension of team officials for a rule transgression and game officials determine, by write-up, that such a transgression took place, the suspension will be implemented by the Coach in consolation with the Level Director as a matter of routine. 

Non-Standard Suspensions:

When incidents occur, which contravene ACFYHA policy and procedures and are not covered by CHC, USA Hockey, league policy, game officials; coaches and team officials may report the incident to the Level Director, who will bring it to the attention of the disciplinary committee for their dispensation. Incidents should be reported as soon as possible. 


Should a coach, player, team official, executive member or parent feel that the disciplinary committee has not satisfactorily resolved the issue; an appeal may be registered by a written letter/email to ACFYHA BOD. The President will assure the matter is placed on the agenda of the next ACFYHA BOD meeting.

ACFYHA BOD shall provide up to thirty minutes of meeting time for the persons making the appeal to state their case. 

The case shall be presented to the Board of Directors (BOD), who shall render its decision by motion. A simple majority shall suffice.

The decision of ACFYHA BOD shall be final and binding on all parties except for those avenues of recourse provided by USA Hockey and the CHC.

7.9 Insurance

The association carries both a comprehensive accident policy and liability policy for skaters, coaches and officials. This coverage is provided by a combination of policies obtained by the Association through USA Hockey and independent carriers, Parents and/or guardians should carefully read the release statements on the Association registration application and the USA Hockey player registration forms. Parents/guardians should also be aware that insurance coverage is dependent on the players wearing proper protective equipment as required by the association, CHC and USA Hockey. The accident policy provides EXCESS coverage for those participating in program activities.

Prior to submitting a claim for excess medical claims, the individual should first process a claim through their personal insurance carrier. Then a claim may be made for excess coverage by obtaining a form from the ACFYHA treasurer and filing it directly with the prescribed carrier. Any claims for liability coverage should be made to the ACFYHA President. Persons may obtain specific details on the insurance policies by contacting the Treasurer.

Liability, Indemnity and Accidental Death and Disability Insurance is mandatory for all ACFYHA players, teams, coaches, managers, referees, BOD members and minor officials performing under the umbrella of ACFYHA and CHC who are members of USA hockey and in accordance with USA Hockey Regulations and Bylaws. 


All annual registrations will henceforth include an assessment to cover the cost of the CHC/USA Hockey insurance premiums. Funds collected will assure coverage within terms and extent of the CHC/USA Hockey policy limits for all ACFYHA Members.

No players will be allowed to participate in any Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey Association program unless they are registered with both ACFYHA and CHC.

2024-2025 Travel Tryouts

This registration is for the Avon Hockey tryouts. Tryouts will take place at Avon Old Farms.

Please review the tryout schedule below:

If you are registering for Mite's tryouts, you can expect an email on March 1st to know what Group number to attend for night one. This Group number could change on night two or three. If you do not have an email by March 2nd, please contact to inquire about your child's Group number.

Please review the Tryout Letter which contains information regarding the tryout process as well as information specific to spectator expectations during tryouts. As the information in this letter has changed from prior years, we recommend everyone registering for tryouts reviews it. 

Pinneys will be provided upon check-in on the first day and will be used for both sessions. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to tryout time for check in.

Team selections will be announced via offer letter sent to your email address after the Board has voted to approve the number of players on each team.

Our early bird special tryout fee is $100 through February 18, 2024. The tryout fee will be $125 as of February 19, 2024. The Tryout Fee must be paid to be considered for a travel team. The Tryout Fee, as well as any outstanding balance from the 2023-2024 season, must be paid prior to the start of tryouts (including via check on the first night of tryouts) or you will not be allowed to participate in tryouts. While tryout fees are non-refundable, the fee will be applied to your 2024-2025 season fee should you commit to ACFYHA.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact

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