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8U (Mite) Results, 2021-2022 Season
Results for the Avon Hockey 8U Travel Teams are outlined below. 
Please note, the first practice for both 8U teams will be held Monday, September 20th from 5:40pm-6:40pm. All players must complete the 2021-2022 season registration and pay the commitment fee prior to attending practices or games. 

Please direct questions regarding the 8U season to Tina Rogers, 8U Director at  . 

Congratulations to all of our 8U players! We're looking forward to a great 2021-2022 season.


Avon 8U (Mite) A Team 

Marcus Rogers (Head Coach)



Pinnie Color Pinnie Number
Blue 10
Blue 13
Blue 16
Blue 20
Blue 23
White 2
White 15
White 16
Yellow 18
Yellow 23
Yellow 25



Avon 8U (Mite) B Team 

TBD (Head Coach)


8U B

Pinnie Color Pinnie Number
Blue 17
Blue 19
White 1
White 6
White 8
White 17
White 18
White 19
Yellow 20
Yellow 21
Yellow 22
Yellow 24


Those not selected for an 8U Mite Travel Team are encouraged to participate in our Mite In House (MIH) program. Registration is now open for MIH HERE.