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4.0     Board of Director Positions

4.1     Membership

The ACFYHA Board of Directors may consist of up to 15 (Fifteen) members, of which up to 5 (five) will be elected each year. 

4.2     Election/Appointment

The ACFYHA BOD may be established at each annual general meeting by secret ballot election where there is more than 1 (one) candidate for a particular position, by acclamation, or by appointment as outlined in By-Laws Article IV. One vote per family having a child or children registered in the ACFYHA.
There is a rotation system with five (5) Directors elected yearly for three year terms. In the case of premature vacancies, the remaining members of the BOD may, by majority vote, elect persons to fill the unexpired terms.
Nominations for open BOD seats are made through any existing BOD member or via the Board Secretary directly.
Additional members may be created by elected members (examples: Division Directors, Equipment Manager, CHC Representative…) The term of such additional members shall expire on May 31st of each year.
Elected Officers for one-year terms: 
o                   President
o                   Treasurer
o                   Vice President
o                   Secretary
Director responsibilities will be appointed by the President for terms of one year. These positions may be held by voting BOD members or non-voting ACFYHA members: 
o                   Midget Director                                              
o                   Bantam Director                          
o                   Pee Wee Director                
o                   Squirt Director
o                   Mite Director
o                   Ice Scheduler                
o                   Hockey Development Director
o                   Coaching Director 
o                   Tournament Director
o                   Fund Raising Director
o                   Sponsorship Director
o                   Public Relations Director
o                   Equipment Director
o                   Equipment Manager
o                   Registrar


4.3     Roles/Responsibilities

President Responsibilities:
·        Overall direction of ACFYHA
·        Supervision and direction of all BOD members, including standards of performance, sphere of control, and disciplinary action
·        Oversees preparation of agenda by Secretary for BOD meetings
·        Schedules, presides over and controls BOD meetings
·        Oversees the preparation of annual financial statement
·        Maintains contacts with other hockey oriented regulatory and resource groups
·        Serves as a member of coach selection, grievance and disciplinary committees
·        Becomes past-president in an advisory capacity
·        Signing authority
·        Exercises powers of ACFYHA in cases of emergency
·        Attends or appoints a designate to CHC, league and other meetings
·        Performs all required press releases through the media as required by theBOD
·        Oversees the operations of all level teams and their Directors
Vice President Responsibilities:
·        Serves in an advisory capacity to ACFYHA
·        Works on special projects at the request of the President
·        Serves as the Chairman of the Nominating Committee for the annual election of Board members and Executive positions
·        Runs meetings in the President’s absence
·        Serves as an alternative in attendance at various hockey oriented regulatory, league and resource groups
·        Oversees application for government/industry grants
·        Reports to the President
Past President Responsibilities:
·        Serves in an advisory capacity to ACFYHA
·        Reports to the President
Secretaries responsibilities:
·        Records the minutes of all meetings and circulates them to all
·        BOD members and to the ACFYHA file.
·        Maintains files with all previous pertinent data
·        Attends all BOD meetings
·        Has charge of all BOD records
·        Maintains and updates the ACFYHA Policies and Procedures Manuals as required (or appoints a Director to oversee project)
·        Performs such other duties as designated by the President
·        Runs meetings if both the Vice President and the President are Absent
·        Arranges for photographer for ACFYHA team photos
·        Reports to the President
Treasurer Responsibilities:
·        Maintains ACFYHA accounting records and back-up data
·        Prepares purchase orders and signing authority on request from authorised BOD members
·        Prepares financial statements for presentations at monthly and annual meetings
·        Maintains files with all current pertinent data
·        Works with Fund Raising Director to assure all teams properly document and report fund raising revenues
·        Reports to President
Public Relations Responsibilities:
·        Administer the public relations program and ensure hockey constantly remains in the public eye
·        Co-ordinate all advertising for ACFYHA
o                   registration
o                   general meetings
o                   special meetings
o                   special events
o                   coaches
·        In co-ordination with other BOD members, prepares and distributes newsletters to keep the general membership informed
·        Post relevant articles on the bulletin boards at the Arenas and encourage the membership to do likewise.  In addition, encourage the teams/directors to post current statistics
·        Submit articles regarding ACFYHA to surrounding publications
·        Register ACFYHA with organizations that will promote our tournaments and programs
·        Prepares and distributes information binders to all ACFYHA teams
Ice Scheduler Responsibilities:
·        Schedule all game and practice ice times for ACFYHA teams
·        Reports on a regular basis, to the BOD concerning problems
·        Follows up on ice use by teams and ensures full utilisation
·        Fairly distributes extra/available ice among hockey teams
·        Oversees scheduling of special events with the Coaching and Hockey Development Directors (i.e. skate-a-thon, schools, clinics, tournaments, etc.)
·        Follows up on complaints by ice users
·        Reports to the President
Coaching Director

The position of Coaching Director may be filled by a Coaching Director Committee.  If so, all references in the Policy and Procedures manual will be preplaced by Coaching Director Committee.

·        Oversees the operations of the Midget, Bantam, Pee Wee, Squirt, Mite, In-House and DP program levels and Level Directors
·        Is to bring forward all names of carded coaching staff to BOD for ratification before any involvement with the team members.
·        Oversees ACFYHA hockey, power skating, and coaching schools/clinics.
·        Selects Tryout Evaluation Committee. Set-up and oversees all functions related to annual team tryouts
·        Oversees all functions related to individual team coach selection
·        Co-ordinate’s coaches clinics as required by CHC
·        Co-ordinate’s goalie sessions
·        Co-ordinates hitting, power skating and hockey schools with the aid of Assistant Coaching Director
·        Reports to President
Tournament Director Responsibilities:
·        Co-ordinates all annual ACFYHA tournaments
·        Co-ordinates and oversees all committees and arrangements
·        Researches and obtains information regarding tournaments in other areas
·        Assists individual teams with their tournaments as required
·        Reports to the President
Equipment Director Responsibilities:
·        Purchases and maintains all equipment
·        Maintains a record of current inventory
·        Maintains reasonable access for equipment inquiries by teams
·        Obtains best prices possible for equipment
·        Extraordinary, non-budgeted equipment needs must be approved by BOD before purchase
·        Ensures that a record of all equipment  released during the off season is maintained
·        Arranges for handling, storage, repair, cleaning and inventory of equipment
·        Maintains inventory for jersey numbers and assigns new numbers
·        Reports to the President
Equipment Manager Responsibilities:
·        Assist Equipment Director where and when needed
·        Report to the Equipment Director
Registrar Responsibilities:
·        Register all players in ACFYHA
·        Complete all required team and player registrations with CHC
·        Keeps all documentation relating to registration of players
·        Updates computer data concerning registration
·        Prepares annually (September) an analysis of registered players concerning age, level, etc.
·        Compiles a directory of all players regarding name, address, phone number
·        Reports to the President
Fundraising Director Responsibilities:
·        Co-ordinates fund raising functions (dances, 50/50, raffles, etc.)
·        Supports efforts to solicit area sponsors for program 
·        Arranges for temporary volunteers to assist ACFYHA with projects
·        Assists Tournament Director with tournament support
·        Assists Vice President with application for government and industry grants
·        Co-ordinates schedules annual banquet and adult social
·        Reports to the President
Sponsorship Director Responsibilities:
·        Obtains new and maintains existing sponsors
·        Follows up with team pictures and game schedules to sponsors
·        Collects sponsorship fees
·        Provides updated reports at executive meetings
·        Ensures that sponsor cresting is done
·        Solicits and secures a sponsor for each team
·        Advises sponsors of special functions and tournaments
·        Assures teams provide publicity for their sponsors
·        Reports to the President     
Division Director Responsibilities:

·        Co-ordinate and set up team selection in conjunction with Coaching Director and Evaluation Committee

·     Co-ordinate and set up coaching selection in conjunction with the Coaching Director and Selection Committee

·     Ensure coaches and managers fulfil obligations to their team and ACFYHA

·     Maintains and distributes the team binders to each of the team managers within their division

·     Serve on grievance and disciplinary committees as required

·     Work with the Ice Scheduler as required to assure teams have adequate practice and game ice allocation

·     Schedule all practices and games and post to websites

·     Schedule referees with IHONC Referee assigner

·     Prepare and propose changes or amendments to hockey program as needed

·     Report monthly to ACFYHA at BOD meetings

·     Table and provide an annual summary of level operations at the annual meeting

·     Coordinate and oversees the distribution of required equipment and team uniforms

·     Monitors player movement between teams, (final movement must be made before December 1st) and approved by Coaching Director and Registrar

     ·       Reports to the President