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8.0          GENERAL

  8.1     Policy and Procedure Manual

This Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey Association Policies and Procedures Manual are to be reviewed at least yearly with changes made in accordance with procedures stipulated in Article 2.1.  Such changes must be tabled at each annual meeting.
Recommended changes to the Policy & Procedure Manual may be submitted at any regularly scheduled BOD meeting. These recommendations will then be discussed and voted upon by the BOD. Updates to the Policy & Procedure Manual will be made annually and a revised document (If required) will be posed to the website by September 1st at the start of each new season.
Any Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey Association member may petition the ACFYHA Board of Directors to amend the policies and procedures as per the policy outlined in Article 3.2.
Where more detail is required or clearer stipulation of policy is needed than detailed in this Policies and Procedures Manual, ACFYHA BOD can, in accordance with Article 2.1 pass and enact resolutions to the Policies and Procedures.  A complete and updated Policies and Procedures Manual must be distributed to each ACFYHA Board of Director and kept on file with the Treasurer for access by the ACFYHA membership.

8.2     Local Tournaments (Hosting)

ACFYHA reserves the right to expropriate any teams scheduled ice slot for the purposes of hosting one of our local or State level tournaments which ACFYHA agrees to host. All reasonable accommodations will be made to reschedule appropriate ice times where and when available.

8.3     Alcohol (Transportation & Tournaments)

ACFYHA does not allow the consumption of alcohol by any person, player or adult, on or in any vehicle transporting ACFYHA players. Coaches and all carded coaching staff and team managers are responsible for upholding this policy.  Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey Association adopts a no-tolerance policy.   ACFYHA will form a discipline committee within seven days of receiving a signed letter/email of complaint.  The consequences for the offending party may involve removal from an appointed position, a suspension or expulsion.   The purchase of a liquor licence will not exempt coaches, carded coaching staff or team managers from the consequences of the no-tolerance policy. 
8.4     ACFYHA Fall Sports and Attendance Philosophy:
Avon Hockey encourages all children to participate in multiple sports to help develop multiple athletic skills. We encourage the children to participate in a fall sport.

During the fall season, Beginning of school to October 31, the participant will be excused from hockey practice if it conflicts with the fall sport. Once games start in mid October, it is expected that the participant make every effort to attend the games up to October 31. 

After October 31, it is expected that the participant will give their full commitment to ACFYHA.

If a participant chooses to play a recreational winter sport (basketball, wrestling, ski team, etc.), and chooses that recreational sport over hockey practice or game, the coach at his/her discretion can penalize the participant with reduced playing time or other means as they deem fit.

Outside commitments which do not involve other sports (school activities, religious commitments, etc) or sickness are always accepted without question or penalty.