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3.1    Financial

Financial Report:
The ACFYHA President shall be responsible to oversee the completion of the annual financial report. The annual financial report is to be presented to the Board of Directors after the conclusion of each regular season and prior to the start of the next. (September 1st annually)
In addition to the Treasurer, the following must be involved in the financial report procedure:
·                    President
·                    Vice President
·                    Finance Committee (if applicable)
·                    And/or one substitute from the BOD at large
Accounting and Auditing:
·        The Treasurer and the ACFYHA President shall work together to prepare and administer an adequate system which shall, in a accordance with approved accounting procedures, assure correct measurement and control of revenues and expenditures of  ACFYHA operations
·        The funds of the ACFYHA shall be deposited in such banks or depositories as the Board of Directors shall designate, and such deposits shall be made in the name of the ACFYHA. Monies shall be withdrawn either upon check or order signed by the Treasurer or another officer if so authorized
·        On a monthly basis, the Treasurer shall prepare & report the financial status, reporting variations to theBOD as deemed appropriate.  Explanations and contingencies backed by the approval of the BOD will be required to assure the organization remains solvent
·        Extraordinary items dealing with revenues/expenditures, including ACFYHA BOD expenses, must be discussed and approved in the form of a resolution approved by the BOD during regular or special meetings
·        The books, accounts and records of the ACFYHA as they pertain to the association, are audited at least once a year. In addition, a subsequent tax return is submitted annually.
·        A year end report should be presented at the Annual General Meeting and made available upon request to any member in good standing of ACFYHA .

3.2     Meetings

Regular BOD Meetings:
Meetings of ACFYHA BOD shall be held as often as necessary.  Unless cancelled for summer recess, they shall take place on the first Monday of each month.  Meetings are open to anyone within the association to attend.

        Special meetings:

A special meeting may be called on the instructions of the President or any 3 (three) BOD members of the ACFYHA, providing all BOD members have been duly informed by either phone, email or voicemail.  No official business can be conducted unless there is a quorum of Board of Directors in attendance.
A majority number of filled BOD positions will constitute a quorum at a Regular or Special Meeting of Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey Association. 
Annual General Meeting:
·        ACFYHA shall hold an annual general meeting open to the general membership on or before the last week of July.  Due notice of the annual general meeting will be advertised to all participating members and those interested in the hockey program through either email and/or our association website
·        ACFYHA shall hold elections for BOD positions at the annual general meeting.   The elected BOD should then form part of ACFYHA until successors are elected, appointed and installed
·        Only ACFYHA Board members in good standing are eligible to vote.   Board members have the privilege of standing for or nominating a representative for election for each position.  Positions, terms and duties there of are detailed in Article 4.0.
·        In the event that a Board member is unable to attend a Board of Directors (BOD) meeting, he/she may submit to another BOD member, a Proxy vote prior to the commencement of the meeting. Said vote shall be in writing (or email) and contain a YES or NO vote on a specific issue or issues. Blank or undefined votes will not be allowed or recognized
·        Amendments to the Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey Policies and Procedures cannot be made at the annual general meeting.  However, attendees at the annual general meeting can express their concerns and elect members dedicated to working with ACFYHA to promote and institute their consensus
·        ACFYHA should use the annual general meeting to respond to concerns and report details as to their ideas, initiatives and policy changes in relation to the operations of the hockey program
·        ACFYHA membership can petition ACFYHA Board of Directors at least 21(twenty-one) days prior to an annual general meeting with a written request to the President for any topic they wish to have added to the agenda
·        An annual report from all Directors and Division Directors is to be made available and filed with the minutes of the annual general meeting
·        The agenda for the annual general meeting will be finalized at least 7(seven) days prior to the meeting.  ACFYHA Board of Directors shall receive the agenda with copies posted and made available via the association website for the general public

3.3     Conduct of Meetings

Order of Business:
The order of business at any regular meeting shall be as follows so far as is practicable:
1.                  Attendance Taken
2.                  Review and approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting
3.                  Reception of Visitors
4.                  Treasurers Report
5.                  Presidents Report
6.                  Old Business
7.                  Officers and Division Director Reports
8.                  By-Laws/ Policy Review
9.                  New Business
10.              Correspondence
11.              Adjournment
The minutes of ACFYHA meetings shall include a record of those in attendance, motions considered and their disposition, and reports received either explicitly or as attachments.
The minutes shall be distributed to BOD members prior to the onset of the next regular meeting.  Copies of the meeting minutes shall be kept on file with the league secretary and be available upon request for review by any member in good standing of ACFYHA. 
Every BOD member present shall vote on every matter unless excluded from voting by reason of perceived conflict of interest.
·        Each member shall have the privilege of proposing motions for consideration by the BOD with a requirement of a seconder
·        On any question, members shall observe parliamentary courtesy. The proposer of any motion shall have the right to open and close debate, however, closure shall not take place until every member choosing to speak has had the opportunity to do so
·        Each member has the right to propose amendments to the motion, providing it enhances the intent of the original motion and is accepted by the proposer
·        A proposer has the right to withdraw the motion at any time

3.4     Sponsorship

ACFYHA shall encourage corporations, business and organizations to become sponsors of the Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey program. 
Sponsorship fees and guidelines for sponsors shall be set by the ACFYHA.  Each Sponsor may be provided with the following:
·        Team photo and certificate of appreciation
·        Game schedule as a courtesy, as well as a thank you letter following the season from the head coach
·        Invitations to the special events, i.e. Awards Banquet
·        Listing in selected league program guides
·        Recognition on ACFYHA website