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·        ACFYHA - Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey Association
·        BOD          - Board of Directors
·        CHC          - Connecticut Hockey Conference
·        Members    - Any active participant or parent with at least one child in the current


Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey Association (ACFYHA) is a non-profit youth hockey association open to all youths eighteen (18) and under in the Farmington Valley region.
ACFYHA is organized to provide youths with a recreational amateur hockey development program implemented through skill development and competition. ACFYHA recognizes a broad range of ability and commitment among its participants and strives to provide appropriate instruction and competition within the constraints of cost and ice time. ACFYHA does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national origin or religious affiliations and seeks to place youths (boys and girls) with similar desires and judged abilities together on teams or in similar groups to maximize enjoyment for all participants.

1.1       Major Objectives

In that the game of hockey is a team sport that provides a means for bringing people together in a healthy atmosphere of competition, the objectives of the Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey Association (ACFYHA) shall be:
·        To promote hockey as a means of providing an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience for players and participants
  • To promote and develop player skills and abilities
·        To promote and develop sportsmanship, fair play, pride and achievement through involvement
  • To promote an environment where each player has equal opportunity to participate and develop
  • To recognize and address the needs of player development for both recreational and competitive purposes
  • To promote and develop players towards being responsible adults that our community can be proud to have as ambassadors
  • To maintain affiliation and abide by the constitution and bylaws of the:
o                   Avon Canton Farmington Youth Hockey Association (ACFYHA)
o                   Connecticut Hockey Conference (CHC)
o                   USA Hockey
  • While travelling - to abide by the policies and regulations of those tournaments in which ACFYHA teams participate, providing these in no way contravene the preceding outlined governing bodies.