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2022 Avon Thanksgiving Tournament GAME FORMAT:


•     Each team will play a minimum of three (3) Cross Ice Games


•     USA Hockey Certified Referee for each game


•     Championship game for Mite A, Mite A-1, Mite B-Blue and Mite B-Green divisions


•     Trophies and Medals for top two teams





•     4 skaters vs 4 skaters plus 1 goalie for each team


•     (2) 22 minute running time periods with one minute intermission between periods (3 minute warmup period prior to 1st period)


•     Horn blows every 2 minutes for shift changes. Shift changes should be done quickly.


•     If a player is injured, BOTH GAMES and Game Clock will be stopped.


•    Face offs ‐ At the start of each period; after each shift change and to resume play after an injurystoppage. All Face‐offs will be conducted at the center ice spot for each game.


•     After a goal is scored or the goalie covers the puck, puck is dropped behind the net and theopposing team backs up to center ice to allow break out.


•     Penalties ‐ If a player commits a penalty, the penalized player will be sent to the bench and willbe replaced immediately. NO POWER PLAYS. Clock will continue to run.


•     Two points for a win, one point for a tie will be awarded in round robin games.


•     Teams will be seeded for the championship games based on point totals earned in round robinplay. Ties will be broken using the Tournament Tie Breaker Rules.





•     In the case of a tie after regulation in the championship or consolation games, the teams will skatea sudden death period for 4 minutes. Overtime will be 2 vs 2 plus goalies. The horn will blow aftertwo minutes to allow for one shift change. If game remains tied after 4 minutes, a sudden‐deathshoot out will be used to determine the winner. The Teams will alternate shots until a winner is determined. No player can be used in the shootout a second time until all skaters from that teamhave been used once.