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1.      At the conclusion of each game, a coach from each team must come to the Score Box to verify the information on the official score sheet and sign the score sheet.


a.      Only the official score sheet will be used for calculation of points earned and game statistics.


b.      If a coach fails to verify and sign a score sheet, the score as verified by the referees, whether correct or incorrect, will be used for tournament calculations.


c.      ACFYHA will retain the white copy for official tournament use and calculations.


2.      All play will be governed by USA Hockey rules.


3.      Players may only be rostered and play with one team unless approved by the Tournament Director.


4.      Teams may consist of a maximum of 20 players, with no more than 18 being skaters and no more than 2 Goalies. Official USAH Rosters for each team participating must be on file with the Tournament Director before the start of play.


5.      All players must have legal equipment. Masks and chin straps are required. Neck protectors are mandatory at all age levels. Mouth guards are required at Pee Wee and Bantam levels.


6.      All teams should be ready to take the ice for warmups a minimum of 5 minutes before their scheduled game time. A 3 minute warm‐up period will be provided for each team that is prepared and ready to take the ice on‐time.


7.      All Teams should be prepared and ready for their game to start up to 15 minutes prior to the published game time. Starting times may be adjusted, without prior notice, to take advantage of available ice time and manage the overall tournament schedule. Game start times are  set, and may only be adjusted, atthe sole discretion of the Tournament Director.


8.      Official tournament game results for all games during the tournament will be posted only at Avon Old Farms Rink and on the Avon Hockey website, www.avonhockey.com.


9.      In accordance with USAH regulations, each team is REQUIRED to have an ADULT, supervising players in the team locker room at all times that players are present. The Tournament will NOT provide this supervision. This will be the responsibility of each individual team.


10.    Each team will be responsible to supply an ADULT volunteer to manage their team’s penalty box during EACH of their team’s games. This adult may be a rostered coach who is not on the bench, but may NOT coach from the penalty box.


11.    There will be NO PHOTOGRAPHY (still or video) allowed from the benches, officials boxes, or penalty boxes. Spectators are free to take pictures from outside the boards at any time.


12.    All Squirt, Peewee and Bantam games will consist of 3 periods, each 12 minutes in length and will follow stop time rules. The 3rd period may be abbreviated so that no game will exceed the amount of time allowed. If abbreviated the 3rd period will be running time until the final two minutes, at which point, stoptime will resume. All Mite games will consist of two 22-minute running time halves.


13.    MERCY RULE: The maximum goal differential that will be recorded for tournament purposes is six (6). Meaning, if a team wins 10‐2, that game will be recorded with a final score of 8‐2, reflecting the six goal maximum differential. If a team is ahead by six (6) or more goals in the third period, a running clock willbe used. In the event that the goal differential is reduced to five (5) or fewer goals, the clock will return to stop time for the remainder of the game or for as long as the goal differential does not exceed five (5). The clock will stop if a penalty is called, and restart on the ensuing face off with a running clock.


14.    During Championship (or Playoff) games, the clock will follow stop time rules regardless of score or gametime. However, at the request of a coach or the Tournament Director, a championship or playoff gamemay be shortened by using a running clock.


15.    A game which is forfeited will be officially recorded as a 0‐6 loss for the team declaring the forfeit. The opposing team will be credited with a win and receive 2 points in the tournament standings.


16.    If a coach or player is given a game misconduct they are required to miss the next scheduled game, and may result in the player or coaches removal from the tournament.   


17.    Penalties    



Peewees & Bantams

1 minute for minor penalties

1 minute 30 seconds for minor penalties

4 minutes for major penalties

4 minutes for major penalties

8 minutes for misconducts

8 minutes for misconducts







18.    There will be no overtime periods, except during Semi-final or Championship games


19.     There will be no time outs granted, except during Semi-final or Championship games, where one (1) time out per team will be permitted.


20.    During round robin play, teams will earn 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and no points for a loss.


21.    In Divisions where there are three (3 teams), play will occur in round robin format, with each team playing 2 games. At the end of round robin play, the team with the highest point total will automatically advance to the Championship game for the Division. At the end of round robin play, teams ranked 2nd and 3rd will play each other in a Semi-final game, and the winner will advance to the Championship game for that division. If there is a tie in the playoff game, it will be broken following the tie breaker procedures used for advancement to Championship games.


22.    In Divisions with four (4) teams, play will occur in round robin format, with each team playing 3 games. At the end of the round robin play, the 2 teams with the highest point totals will advance to the Championship game for the Division.


23.    In Divisions with six (6) teams, play will occur in round robin format, with each team playing 3 games. At the end of the round robin play, the top four (4) teams will advance to semifinal Semi-final games. The winners of each Semi-final game will advance to the Championship game for the Division.


24.    TIE BEAKER: If multiple teams are tied for points after round robin plan, the tie will be broken per the “Official Tournament Tie Breaker Rules” published with this document.


25.    The team with the higher point total (ties broken by method above) will be the Home Team for Championship or Semi-final games.


26.    Ties during Semi-final or Championship games will be broken as follows:


a.       A 5-Minute sudden death overtime period, with 4 skaters (4 on 4) and 1 goalkeeper will be played.


b.      If still tied after the overtime period, the tie will be broken with a shootout as follows:


c.       Each team will designate 3 shooters


d.      The goalie who was last in the game during the preceding overtime period must initially represent their team in the shootout.


e.      Teams will alternate shooting on the opposing team’s goal until all 3 shooters for each team have attempted a shot. The Home team will shoot first. 


f.       The team that scores the most goals during the shootout will be the winner of the game.


g.       If the shootout ends in a tie, each team will designate one new player (replacing one of the original 3 shooters) and the shootout process will be repeated until a winner is determined.


h.      Teams may change their goalie (with the exception of an injury situation) only after a completed shootout round (3 shooters from each team).