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Scrimmage Tonight 7:20 PM-AOF SPIH
by posted 11/20/2020


All Players

SPIH Scrimmage Tonight. White v. Blue


7:20PM AOF




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Changes in Permitted Masks
by posted 11/19/2020

The masks that attach to the helmets are not approved for youth hockey. See below for official correspondance from the Pres. I know some of you have bought the "Face On" masks that attach to the helmet cage, but they are not approved. Like some of you, I bought 2 earlier this week for my kids but players must wear the type of masks that cover their mouth and nose, the same as what they are wearing to school. 


Hello all – as previously mentioned, we are adjusting as we go to stay compliant and keep the kids playing.


At last night’s CHC meeting, it was communicated that any face covering that attaches to the mask or helmet is not approved. Yes – the CCM game on masks were approved by HECC, but they do not comply with DPH or CDC guidelines and are therefore not currently approved for use in Hockey.


Please let your players / families know and ask that they use a face covering that is not attached to the helmet or mask.


** The refs have been informed of the rule change and asked to enforce the rule this weekend. Refs DID NOT make the rule, and there is no opening for discussion with the refs about the rule. Please comply and check each of your players for compliance before your next game.


Thanks all –


Jim Walsh

Avon Hockey President

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Weekend Schedule Nov. 21 & 22
by posted 11/18/2020

Hi Everyone, Saturday the SPIH A Team has a game against Simsbury at AOF, at 9:00. Sunday all players practice at 9 AM. Although we had a good response /turnout for the 11/25 ice not all of the other teams did so the AOF rink will be closed and we will not have ice. See you this weekend! Coach Dave

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