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by posted 02/21/2020

Some parents have asked me how to continue hockey in the spring.

I've found power skating programs and spring hockey very enjoyable for the kids if  you want to continue through the spring and summer.  Below are some programs we've had experience with.  If you have others to add to this list let me know.







As our season winds down, I wanted to thank all the parents and coaches for their commitment to House hockey!  I've found it very rewarding as an alternative to Travel programs and hope you and your player(s) continue to be your best.  We will save our last few ice sessions in March for some fun House games.

Coach Ted

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by posted 12/18/2019


Team A: Coaches Ted, Bill, Dave, Kent, Mark

  1. Cosgrove, Jackson
  2. Davies, Carter
  3. Douglas, Adrianna
  4. Elder, Abe
  5. Glowa, Jacob (G)
  6. Hetu-Davis, Morgan
  7. Ocheduszko, Kasper
  8. Rockel, Decker   
  9. Smith, Ella  
  10. Uribe, Lucas
  11. Wu, David
  12. Wu, Samuel  

Team B: Coaches Dave, Hisham, Jarred

  1. Boucher, Evan  
  2. Burgess, Abrianna (G)       
  3. Elder, Isla Mae
  4. Elliott, Kiernan
  5. Esposito, Austin 
  6. Garvin, Liam
  7. Morrell, Liam
  8. Mukherjee, Aaron
  9. Murray, Cameron
  10. Reece, Charlotte  
  11. Rifaey, Hassen
  12. Weiler, Finn
  13. Frost, Georgia

White Team:  Coaches Dave, Kent, Mark, Jarred

  1. Jacob Glowa
  2. Carter Davies
  3. Abel Elder
  4. Adrianna Douglas
  5. Lucas Uribe
  6. Decker Rockel
  7. Liam Morrell
  8. McCartney Moss
  9. Isla Mae Elder
  10. Finn Weiler
  11. Aaron Mukherjee
  12. Liam Garvin
  13. Georgia Frost

 Blue Team:  Coaches Ted, Hisham, Bill

1       Samuel Wu
2       David Wu
3       Kasper Ocheduszko
4       Cameron Murray
5       Jackson Cosgrove
6       Morgan Hetu-Davis
7       Evan Boucher
8       Hassen Rifaey
9       Ella Smith
10     Abrianna Burgess
11     Charlotte Reece
12     Kiernan Elliott
13     Austin Esposito

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